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Online Workshop

Jordan Brennan' soul filling images of mommas regularly break the internet & make her clients clamor to get on her calendar & fly across the country to do so. Her client obsession is real & in a down economy, she maintains staying booked with a giant waitlist. Learn what it's like to shoot with her in these 5 different behind the scenes shooting scenarios, as well as see her edit & get her NEVER BEFORE RELEASED preset pack "Tropical Vibes" (only available to students in this workshop).

of Maternity
Online Workshop

By Jordan Brennan

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“You're the closest I will ever come to magic”

This online workshop is for you if you...

  • are ready to elevate your maternity sessions from typical to scroll stopping art (with real clients, not models)

  • want to learn how to create gorgeous galleries in challenging light

  • desire gaining confidence & creativity in shooting in flat, crowded, or minimal spaces

  • would love to mentor in-person, but can’t travel to me. you’ll get to watch me mentor another student during 2 shoots & have a true fly on the wall experience, as if you were right there with me

  • often “blank” during your session or lack the confidence to lead a session with a natural ebb and flow

  • have always wanted to watch me edit & get my never before released “tropical vibes” preset pack

  • are an entering or mid-level photographer looking to master your craft

"jordan gave me so many tools to grow and ultimately changed my perspective in how I photograph others" - @wildatheartphotographs

This online workshop includes...

  • NOWHERE TO HIDE (COUPLE SESSION): working in cloudless skies with intense backlight
  • ART IN HARSH LIGHT (SOLO SESSION): creating magic in my backyard with shadowplay
  • SKY ON FIRE (FAMILY SUNSET SESSION): capturing emotive images when kids want to run wild

    – 2 in-person mentorship shoots

  • EDITING FOR EMOTION: how to create moody, scroll stopping images – every single time.

  • MY NEVER BEFORE RELEASED “TROPICAL VIBES” PRESET PACK: exclusive for master of maternity workshop students

    – 30% off JB Brushes
    – 20% off IRIS Works
    – 20% off Style and Select

“A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible”


What I’ve learned in my 10+ years of being in this business is that a preset won’t save you. Knowing how to make presets work for you is huge. The only way you’ll truly get the look you want is by understanding how all of those fun sliders in Lightroom work! Remember that styling, lighting, camera, lens, & location play a huge part in how to achieve the tones you’re looking for. Let presets be a fun way to explore the world of editing and creating art! Enjoy!

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and non-refundable. My “Tropical Vibes” Preset Pack is for Lightroom versions 2018 & after. My presets do NOT include my brushes which are sold separately through my website with a special discount code for Master of Maternity Workshop students. Content is owned by Jordan Brennan, copyrighted and illegal to share, trade, sell, or create your own education/tools with.

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