AHA Master Artist
Online Workshop

Master artist, Emily Hodge of Simply Blessings Photography, was hand selected to offer her own exclusive online workshop through AHA to deeply impact not only your art, but the whole artist within. The one that can't be copied - the one that leans into cracking the meaning, heart & purpose wide open. The one that longs to stand out in a sea of similarity.

Online Workshop

By Emily Hodge

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A heartfelt and practical workshop to bring out the art in your photography and help you create poetic and emotive images that will set your soul on fire

Do you ever find yourself looking at an inspiring photo that leaves you wanting more from your own photography? Something deeper and more artistic? Or maybe you feel like you’re just going through the motions at your sessions, but not really creating something unique that you’re passionate about?

What if you could actually set yourself apart and have your clients seek you out and hire you because of your unique art that only you can give them?

How would it feel to live a life inspired by the everyday, ordinary moments and then to be able to create powerful images from those moments that make yourself and your audience really feel something?

What if you had the courage to be your authentic self and take action to create the images that you want, and in turn find your purpose and build your clientele who seek you for your passion?

What if I told you that big beautiful dresses or epic locations probably isn’t what’s going to create the meaningful images that will resonate with the clients that you’re craving? With so many talented photographers producing beautiful images, how do you set yourself apart? Bringing out the art in your photography will not only help you stand out, but will allow you to build the clientele and opportunities you desire.

“Going beyond taking pretty pictures of a well dressed family and instead telling a story of what it really means to be a family”

This online workshop is for you...

  • If you want to find inspiration but feel like you’re just not a naturally creative person
  • If you feel lost in how to set yourself apart from all the amazing photographers out there
  • If you want clients to seek you out for your unique style, hire you and value the art you provide them
  • If you struggle to find inspiration and capture that in a meaningful way with your photos
  • If you wonder how to find your purpose and be fulfilled in your own work
  • If you want practical ways to create unique images and learn new tools to help
  • If you want to feel empowered to make the images in your head a reality 
  • If you’ve exhausted yourself trying to keep up with all the trends on social media and ready to start creating your own unique art with your photography

“Moving from documenting through photography to storytelling through art.”

This online workshop includes...

  • A heartfelt and practical talk from Emily about finding your creative voice, inspiration, and the courage to photograph the things that set your soul on fire and bring that in a practical way to your own photography. We will define art for ourselves and figure out what you value in art, what gives photos their artistic merit and what takes away from it, creating unique images to evoke an emotional response, inspiration, turning pain into beauty, storytelling (as more than a cliche word), being inspired by moments in your everyday life and capturing that in an intentional way, technique (location selection, use of angles, movement, layering, lighting, creative tools I use, style, etc) and living out your own inspired life. 
  • 2 behind the scenes videos. One creating art out of the everyday and ordinary in home with my kids and the other one an outdoor client family session. 
  •  2 editing videos (one from each session) including Emily’s editing workflow and creative tools to set yourself apart 
  • A printable workbook with thought provoking questions to help you figure out what sets your soul on fire and how to bring out your own unique art in your photography
  •  Access to a private facebook group with Emily, where you can ask questions and get continued support 
  • 50% Discount Code for any Season or Year of Stormy Solis’s Year 1: The Foundation or Year 2: Growing with You.

“Art has helped me live a more inspired life and I hope it will for you as well.”

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